b. 1989 Rancocas, NJ
lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

University of California Los Angeles. BA. 2016

Solo and Two Person Exhibitions

(solo exhibition). Yours Mine & Ours Gallery. New York, NY. [May 18]
(solo exhibition). Lane Meyer Projects. Denver, CO. [September]

Bat Outa Hell
. TSA LA. Los Angeles, CA
Touching in the Dark. Yours Mine & Ours Gallery. New York, NY

Group Exhibitions

The Garden of Earthly Delights. Deanna Evans Projects. Bed-Stuy, NY. [April 17]
LREI Benefit. Pace Gallery. New York, NY. [March 8]

NADA NY. Yours Mine & Ours Gallery. New York, NY
Para-Verbal Vocab. SPRING / BREAK. New York, NY
Love Poems. Basement Projects. Santa Ana, CA
The Wool Over My Eyes. Washington Reid Gallery. Los Angeles, CA
Trust Fall. ALSO Gallery. Los Angelese, CA
Together With. The Bubbler. Madison, WI
Together With. Steele Gallery. Denver, CO
Carte Blanche. Adah Rose Gallery. Washington DC
Can I Touch It? Mindy Solomon Gallery. Miami, FL
Nature v. Nurture. Gallery ALSO. Los Angeles, CA

B&W Series. Transmitter NYC Gallery. Brooklyn, NY
Post-Punk Happening. The Invisible Dog Art Center. Brooklyn, NY
An Occasional Dream. Life On Mars Gallery. Brooklyn, NY
Somewhere in LA. LTAC. Downtown, LA.
From Here. Fluorescent Gallery. Knoxville, TN
Electric Ladyland. Rebel Gallery. Palm Springs, CA
Spring Benefit. Momenta Gallery. Brooklyn, NY
Sideshow on Mars. Life on Mars Gallery. Brooklyn, NY

Daps. Platform Gallery. Baltimore, MD
Jolie Laide. Life On Mars Gallery. Brooklyn, NY
Sixty Minutes. Vanity Projects. Miami, FL
Yes In My Back Yard. Durden & Ray. Los Angeles, CA
Out of Town Guests. Robert Lynds Gallery. Vancouver, BC
Private Eyes|Grey Sunsets. Circuit 12 Gallery. Dallas, TX
Inaugural Show. Left Field Gallery. San Luis Obispo, CA
The Bomb. South Broadway Cultural Center. Albqueruqe, NM
Savage Sentimentality. Wignall Museum. Chaffey, CA
Chill, Zen, Funk, & Twang. Curating Comtemporary Projects
Touched For the Very First Time. Lane Meyer Projects. Denver, CO
Still I Rise. Urbano Cellars. Berkely, CA

Back to The Future Pt. 1. Life on Mars Gallery. Brooklyn, NY
Sugar Rush. EnEm Space. Sacramento, CA
Group Show. Blackstone Gallery. Los Angeles, CA
Savage Sentimentality, Cerritos College Gallery, Cerritos, CA
Spring Benefit, Novella Gallery, New York, NY
Selected Exhibition, Kirk Hopper Fine Art, Dallas, TX

New Work, Western Project, Los Angeles, CA

THROW DOWN. Ess Ef Eff. Brooklyn, NY

Selected Press

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Bat Outa Hell. LA Weekly
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Interview: MLF/Painter. WhatIsn'tNormal
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Mandy Lyn Ford Artist Interview. Maake Magazine

Interview With MLFord. Mist Gallery
Brooklyn Season Opener Tour 2015. James Kalm Report
MLFord Interview. MCarl Podcast
Artist of the Week Interview. LVL3 Media
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